Wage gap, less opportunities in leadership and politics places, social injustices in carrying out their role as mothers, Violence against Women is just one of the sides of the discrimination that the female gender is subject on a global scale.

Sure it is the most explicit and brutal face of this endemic problem, present in the societies of the whole world, that United Nations decided to remember every year the 25th of November in the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women.

One Woman every three in the world has experienced violence during his life and one every two Homicides to Women has been committed by individuals inside the familiar or intimate circles of the victims.


As of today, most States around the world still refuse to offer adequate legal protection to Women in cases of the violence occurring within the marriage. In fact, less than 60 States actually have laws that condemn and prosecute marital sexual violence, even less when it comes to Psychological and economic violence, phenomena often causing inter-familiar conflicts leading to violence episodes.

Kito Onlus engages, through its projects and trainings, in an effort of Empowerment, providing weak parts of local population in the Philippines with skills and responsibilities, in order to offer tools for social and economic emancipation to Women within beneficiaries communities.


Last modified: 25/11/2016