Kito Onlus pays attention to particularly disadvantaged groups. Among them, children are one of the targets benefitting more from our action. In San Fernando La Union, where our Kito Health Unit is placed, 4768 children from the age 0-12 have been treated. Services of maternal health, immunization and nutrition are carried out on a regular basis in our Health Center, but also extra campaigns as medical and dental missions are delivered. The latter are usually very required and appreciated. To be more specific, according to the data we collected in 2015 the number of mothers treated during the children’s early life amounts to 118. Being this vital stage essential for letting children healthily growing up, Kito Onlus is very proud of the achievement.

Further analyzing collected data, the total number of children immunized amounted to 1228. MMR was the immunization treatment more delivered, since the 30% of patients were treated using it.


Concerning the nutrition campaign, it is important to highlight how malnutrition is a sever issue in the Philippines, as Filipinos do not follow a nutritive diet. This style of living is really affecting children, therefore vitamins are regularly handed out to them.


 As it is observable in the following graph, other diseases were treated using different drugs (as paracetamol to treat colds) and other health monitoring – especially height/weight checks – were set up.


241 patients have benefitted of extra activities, the most successful of which was the dental mission, comprehending tooth extractions.


 To conclude, Kito Onlus action clearly demonstrated its effectiveness in facing children health. In fact, services were provided to more than 13000 patients, and health center keeps being a reference point for children seeking health support, but also for older patients.

Last modified: 11/02/2016