As we wish we have already demonstrated over the time, we take care of informing all of our supporters about Kito Onlus initiatives, projects, events and other activities. In our view, it is a way to keep the development process we are part of as much open as possible, and accessible to everyone. Media channels have revealed to be the most effective tools for spreading our message, our Facebook page and the website in particular.

According to Facebook Insight, our posts reach an average of 150 people each, and our page has recorded more than 600 followers during 2015.

Facebook Insight

On the other hand, Google Analytics helped us analyze our website impact. According to data, United States, Italy and the Philippines are the countries where the majority of views occurred (respectively, 1.828, 1.826 and 297).
google an1The number of active users appears to have been 6.122, of which the 83.3% were new visitors.uservisitorsKito Onlus will continue to promote its campaigns and initiatives through these instruments. We invite you to keep supporting our work and follow and share our posts also on our Facebook page.

Last modified: 27/01/2016