The International Day of Cooperatives is celebrated on the first Saturday of July since 2005 and this year’s theme is the inclusion!

Cooperatives are those associations and enterprises, whose main objective is ensuring the economic, social, cultural and political participation of all the communities worldwide, as this year’s motto states, guaranteeing that “no-one is left behind”.

Kito Onlus embraces the guidelines on which cooperative work is based: international solidarity, economic equality and world peace. Indeed, as you know, Kito has worked since 2012 in those developing and emergency-affected areas of the world, where the population cannot fulfill its economic opportunities, is not able to meet ist needs and is therefore destined to perpetepate in poor living conditions if no help is given. Kito Onlus does more than “simply” supporting people in the early phase of emergency recovery, as it fosters long-term development results promoting capacity building processes among the community members. Indeed, our initiatives include training activities, the creation of temporary job opportunities and the involvement and empowerment of the beneficiaries in the projects’ implementation process. For Kito, it is therefore fundamental to support the people in need in a way, in which the citizens themselves rely on self-help and their own responsibility to meet economic, social and environmental goals, since the scope is their nation’s rehabilitation, development and democratisation.

Moreover, at a time when income inequality is rising around the world, it is good to be reminded about the possible solutions to inequality, among which there is the co-operative model. The latter has a people-focused rather than profit-centered nature. These associations, based on voluntary and open membership, democratic member control and member economic participation, provide a space where all people, regardless of race, gender, culture, social background or economic circumstance, can meet their needs and build better communities.

Finally, co-operatives aim at wealth creation and its fair distribution and poverty elimination among the communities, but they also have a much broader result: bringing the benefits of their economic and social model to all people in the world.

So once again, let’s work together for ensuring that no-one is left behind! Share our post on FB or Twitter, talk to your friends about our projects and keep informed!

Last modified: 06/07/2017