It is already been a month since our Project Assistant Serena has landed for the first time on Philippines’ soil! In these four weeks, Serena engaged in different tasks to bring on and support previous actions by Kito Onlus on the island of San Francisco, Cebu province.


Serena meeting San Francisco Vice Major Al Arquillano.

In particular, she followed the conclusion of the works regarding the construction of the Kito Health Centre, which will be further optimized in next weeks as to be ready for use, and furthermore, she assisted to the implementation of the Open Hospital software, in cooperation with IT without borders that will allow us to have a continuous monitoring of the service provided by the Health Center.


The team in action on the Kito Health Center!


Serena has then followed the activities of the local community connected to formation in the fields of Environmental Sustainability and Population Welfare.




Recently, she was also at a local High School to participate in the events organized in the occasion of the International day for Environmental Disasters Risk Reduction.




New commitments await us in the next period, as the Health Center will be equipped and put in function, together with many more activities, follow us to learn more!

Last modified: 18/10/2016