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Waiting for Human Rights Day

December 10 is Human Rights Day. It happens sometimes that we are reminded of an international celebration that very same day and we miss some good opportunities. That is why we remind you of Human Rights Day ten days earlier the official date, so that you have all the time to prepare, reflect upon and organize in order to take part to events and activities promoted by the UN in occasion of the anniversay of the Universal Declaration of human rights (1948). That’s right, on December 10 we celebrate the day the UN General Assembly adopted the document that, by using the words of professor and defender of human rights Antonio Papisca, “contains the ‘genetic code’ of a juridical, political and cultural revolution” (translated from here), since it inspired human rights’ Conventions that are part of the new International Law. The Declaration is also the most widely translated document, since you can find it in more than 500 languages. To read it in English you can click here.

Sometimes it is common to think that human rights are something that regards “others”, like people living in far away countries, migrant people and refugees.  Still, human rights by definition belong to the human family as a whole. They are always something that concerns us all. The official hashtag for human rights day, #StandUp4HumanRights, reminds us of our duty to protect and promote the human rights of all.

Kito Onlus staff takes advantage of this occasion in order to reaffirm its commitment towards human rights. Our activities especially concern with the right to have an education, by rebuilding schools like the one in Banilad, and the right to an adequate standard of living, for example by providing sanitary support to the communities we work in. But we do not stop here. Our latest project concerns the construction of a polyfunctional center in Caldarola, a municipality in Macerata that was severely damaged by the earthquake that hit the Central Italy in 2015. There, together with Architects Without Borders, we aim at creating a place where young people can meet and have fun while being and feeling safe. If you would like to be a part of the project you could participate in our crowdfunding christmas dinner, buy our 2018 Calendar, or simply donate here on our website!

Your support is fundamental.

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