Kito Onlus is a young international NGO founded in Padova in 2012. The main purpose of the organization is to build resilient communities to natural disasters with a special focus on health, education and sustainable architecture.


Our projects target the most vulnerable groups including children and women through community based interventions.

Kito Onlus builds schools and health facilities which are self-sufficient and mobile, allowing the population affected by natural disasters to be assisted and supported in the early stages of emergencies and recovery. In addition, Kito also builds and rehabilitates permanent constructions which are designed to work and be maintained in a sustainable and efficient way.


Kito Onlus was created based on field analyses of the gaps regarding temporary emergency structures used in post-disaster response. In such situations, inadequate and unsafe shelters as tents and huts are built without following urban planning principles, in a context where identification of land property and permanent and semi-permanent building authorizations are often a constraint.

Kito Onlus’ approach goes beyond the immediate emergency response, but also aims to support longer term recovery and ultimately build community resilience in areas prone to natural hazards.  This involves training courses on disaster preparedness and response, emergency health and hygiene, as well as livelihood coping strategies.

The current focus of our work is the Philippines, a country characterized by a high rate of vulnerability to natural disasters, being hit in average by thirty hazardous events every year, including typhoons, earthquakes and floods.