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Pope Francis visits the Philippines

Pope Francis visits the Philippines

Crowd following the Pope’s mass in Manila

Dear friends,

In the past days Pope Francis has visited the Philippines, giving life to the largest mass in history: it has been estimated by the local authorities that around six million people have joined the event in Manila, each and everyone of them following the Pope in spite of the heavy rain that was falling.  Covered in a yellow raincoat, just as the rest of the people, the Pope gave his speeches, in which he has strongly underlined the importance of avoiding corruption, caring for the environment and helping the poorest.

Given the harsh weather conditions and the arrival of a second-degree typhoon, the Pope has had to change his schedule and move up of four hours his return to Manila. As we know, the Philippines are the country most subject to natural disasters in the world, and even the Pope has had to adapt to these conditions. The original program was to meet the population and the places most hit by the typhoon, but the Pope changed his plan and left Tacloban early, so to avoid the bad weather. Tacoblan, in fact, is near the Camote Island, an area severly hit by last year’s typhoon where Kito Onlus is actively helping the population with its projects.