Our Work


KITO HUT – San Fernando la Union (PH)

The concept of Kito-Health / Kito-School was conceived after seeing living conditions in post-disaster contexts: medical centers and schools are substituted by tents and other unstable structures. So, we came up with the idea to design and realize a pre-fabricated unit: the Humanitarian Unit for Transition, hereafter referred as HUT, which is a mobile structure, usable either as an emergency medical center or as a school.

Characteristics of Kito HUT:

  • Kito’s Health and School Projects are based on a revolutionary engineered, mobile structure, the HUT, designed by the architects of Kito.
  • The HUT can be easily shipped all over the world by boat or truck since it is the exact size of a medium shipping container.
  • Once the HUT arrives to its destination it can be positioned anywhere since it does not need a permanent foundation.
  • Once the HUT arrives to its destination it can be positioned anywhere since it does not need a permanent foundation.
  • The HUT is energy auto-sustainable, powered by solar-electric panels on the roof.
  • The HUT can be used either as an emergency medical center with three beds for patients or as a classroom accommodating up to 24 students
  • Two HUTs can be joined together, creating a wider structure that can host more patients or students.
  • As a storage container during travel, the HUT has a capacity of about 30 cubic meters and can be used to transport technical or emergency medical equipment.
  • The dimensions and characteristics of the HUT follow INEE and UNICEF standards.

The first HUT was delivered to the Philippines in 2014 and it is now an efficient health center!


HEALTH CENTER – San Francisco, Camotes Islands (PH)

Through this project Kito Onlus provided a primary care center. The center’s medical and paramedical personnel offer free check-ups, first aid, child nutrition, family planning and, neo and post-natal care. The center is located in the vicinity of the primary school, to ensure easy access for the children and their families.

The 80 sqm facility has a structure built with local materials (stones and wood) and with bamboo details and rests on a concrete basement.

This health center, based in the Esperanza Barangay, aims to be an example of green building: it is a construction designed, built and managed in a sustainable and efficient way.

The materials employed in the construction were locally procured, in order to save energy and resources during the transportation to the building site; as a green building, has preserved the integrity and natural characteristics of the surroundings in order to interact in a proactive way with the local habitat,

Furthermore, the barangay community has been involved in the process of building, as for example, local women were employed in the manufacture of the bamboo used for the external walls.

This is a concrete example of the approach leading the work of Kito Onlus to ensure community participation and ownership on the organization’s projects while also creating temporary job opportunities. A secondary impact of this approach is the enhancement of the community members’ skill sets as well as the fostering of the local economy.

Building a medical center in a hard-to-reach area, especially during natural calamities, has a long-term impact because it offers a solid structure at the service of the local population, improving the access to primary health care, especially for the most vulnerable groups such as women, children the elderly and persons with disability.

Finally, the implementation of a photovoltaic system with an energy store, providing electric energy, can massively improve life conditions of island’s inhabitants.


Cash based transfer in San Francisco, Camotes Islands (PH)

With the Cash based transfer project, Kito Onlus provides local population with the possibility to be engaged in the environmental rehabilitation after natural disasters as typhoons, floods and earthquakes. Thanks to this program, the local population can have a temporary paid occupation with a public utility and, at the same time, contribute first hand to the reconstruction process in their community.


Kito Onlus also provides restauration and rehabilitation of schools damaged by natural disasters, to ensure school activities resume as fast as possible in safe and secure buildings. After the peak of the emergency, our intervention gives children the possibility to go back to school fulfilling their right to education and regain a sense of normality. 

L. Tanza Memorial National High School, San Francisco – Camotes Islands (PH)

This school had been gravely damaged by both the earthquake and typhoon Haiyan in 2013. The reconstruction of several classrooms has allowed 838 students to quickly return to school in a safe environment.

Banylad Elementary School, Pinamalayan – Mindoro (PH)

Kito Onlus supported the reconstruction of three classes destroyed by Nona Typhoon in 2015, in partnership with “ASF – Architetti senza Frontiere Veneto Onlus”(Architects without borders). This project benefitted 275 children attending the school and the 8 teachers staff.


Prevention and Hygiene Training

The hygiene and prevention training intends to raise community awareness on hygiene and sanitation best practices to prevent the spread of communicable diseases which often increase during emergencies.  Furthermore, Kito Onlus conducts different vaccination campaigns and provides children with primary health care and food supplements in our medical centres.

Typhoon-prone building Training

The prevalent use of light materials for construction is one of the main factors that make these building so vulnerable in cases of natural disasters. The Anti-Typhoon Training builds the capacity of carpenters and workers engaged in construction on safer and more suitable construction techniques.

Open Hospital

Open Hospital is an Open Source software developed by “Informatici senza Frontiere Onlus” (IT without borders), easing the administrative and management functions in hospitals in developing Countries.

The aim of the project is to ensure a more effective and reliable registration and transmission of data for the activities of Kito Health Centre, facilitating the work of the local medical personnel while training them and improving the efficiency of the structure.