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Our project survey at Mindoro’s elementary schools

To reach the schools must be walk and climb for about 2 hours on mud paths

Last April, our president Paola Vecchiato has been on Mindoro Island, in the Philippines, to survey and verify the conditions of the elementary schools and the communities where we are going to intervene through our next project aimed at providing water and sanitation to 13 schools of the island.

Signing the Agreement with the schools directors

We collected a lot of data, observed and took pictures of the actual conditions of the elementary schools around the municipalities of Puerto Galera, San Teodoro, Abra de Ilog and San Antonio. In addition, it has been fundamental to speak directly with the teachers and directors of the schools in order to know the basic needs, the problems, but also the local resources.

Through the collected  info, now we better know about the facilities real situation where we are going to intervene and about the local resources, in order to plan our future activities.

Checking the archietctural project with the DEP ED Engineer

Our project can impact significantly the communities of Mindoro: in addition to guaranteeing adequate sanitation to 1.842 children between 5 and 12 years old direct beneficiaries, we aim at improving the health conditions of their families and of the whole community of about 15.517 people.