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Mission in the Philippines 2015

1911796_597264950365153_437595911_nDear Friends,

There are only a few days left for the preparation before we leave for our mission in the Philippines!
Our intern Liliana will reach San Francisco – Camotes Islands and will spend three months there, monitoring the projects and getting in touch with the community.
In the meantime our President, Paola Vecchiato, will arrange a number of meetings with governmental representatives and local staff members in order to set the basis for the future of Kito Onlus there.

Liliana will have the chance to work in close partnership with the Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office of the municipality of the city of San Fran (as the locals call the city!), an institution to which also the international community has recognized an important role in addressing the climate emergencies that, unfortunately, very often during the year hit the island. New projects will be developed in the following months, together with the support for health trainings, and new information will be collected in order to address the support of Kito Onlus in the most responsive way, according to the needs of the local population.

In order to get updates on the experience of our intern, continue to follow our blog!

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