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First week of training at Kito-Health in SFLU

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Another exiting week in San Fernando, where two main events took place: the blessing and official presentation of Kito-Health by Mayor Ortega and the first week of training for the population of Barangay Sagayad.

The City Government of San Fernando hosted an inauguration ceremony for Kito-Health Center as part of its 16th year anniversary on March 10. During the opening remarks, the Mayor committed himself to provide an additional supply of medicines such as pain relievers, anti-histamine pills, eye-drops and re-hydration fluids, among others. The ceremony concluded with a blessing officiated by a priest.

On the other hand, on Tuesday March 11th, seventeen parents, 15 of which women, attended the first session of the Kito-Health Training. The training sessions helped raised their awareness on the symptoms and prevention of common diseases. Many of them have heard of the common diseases covered by the training, but are not able to fully articulate its symptoms. One mother said that she could tell her neighbor’s son has intestinal worms because he does not wear slippers around the house and appears weak. We asked her to observe the child further for more definite signs of intestinal worms such as paleness, pain the belly and having a big belly. Malaria is another disease they have heard about (and which is quite common in the country) but could not tell its symptoms. It may not be very common as dengue in their community, but knowing what causes it will give them a better understanding of how to prevent it. We also promoted good health practices to parents during the sessions. Diarrhea is a common experience with children and adults alike. In fact, one of the participants recently experienced diarrhea and figured that it probably came from the food she bought from a street vendor (see our post on safe food). We told them that while diarrhea naturally goes away on its own, she can prepare her own hydration solution to prevent dehydration (ORESOL). Guided by the flipchart, we asked her to demonstrate its preparation.

The training has also offered practical tips not only for health, but also for other household matters. They found that the Tippy Tap is something useful not only for handwashing, but also for making dishwashing an easier chore.

We distributed soap, ORESOL and deworming pills after the session, and invited them to come to Kito-Health Center next week for more sessions on hygiene, injury prevention and proper nutrition.

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