Funds raised and budget allocation in 2018

This year too Kito Onlus wants to share with its supporters and donors the 2018 financial analysis to clearly evaluate our work, showing how funds were raised and how the budget was allocated.

28,097 € were raised in 2018, of which the 75% was the OPM-Valdese Church’s contribution, while the remaining 25% was raised from private contributions, 5×1000, and crowdfunding.

Funds raised

All these elements represent for the organization a strong sign that the work done is considered accountable and worthy of being financed and supported.  Moreover, Kito Onlus has participated to a new notice of the Valdese Church, of which results are expected in 2019.

With regards to the budget allocation, as the graph below shows, the highest percentage was allocate to projects on the field as the elementary school in Banilad, the construction of the pit-latrines block, and the “Kits for Kids” project.

Budget allocation

This analysis let us trust in the maintenance of this positive trend in the coming years too, allowing the development of new projects of prevention and emergency answer.

Click this link to read the Annual Report 2018, and this link to a brief description of the 2018 activities!

Annual Report 2018 – Kito Onlus’ activities!

2018 was for Kito Onlus a year of consolidation and expansion. As the report at the link shows, the Association reached great achievements this year, concluding already started projects and starting new ones.


In 2018 the reconstruction of the elementary school in Banilad was concluded. The building, consisting of 3 classrooms for 200 sqm, is completely operative. Moreover, thanks to the use of local materials and the great participation of local volunteers, that permitted the reduction of the costs, it was possible to build pit-latrines for the students, who were totally deprived of.

Banilad school

Banilad latrine

Moreover, thanks to the success of this last initiative, Kito Onlus started a new project, regarding the construction of pit-latrines (2 toilettes and 1 bathtub) in 13 primary schools in the island of Mindoro. The project has been presented to the OPM of the Valdese Church to obtain the fund.

Banilad children

During 2018 Kito Onlus has also expanded in Italy with a project regarding Caldarola, an area of the Marche region deeply hit by the earthquake of 2016. The project, which will start in the first months of 2019, provides for the construction of a multifunctional wood centre of 100 sqm. The goal is to create a centre which can promote activities and laboratories, with the participation of local associations, to make in particular the children active part of the reconstruction process and an element of continuity.

With regards to the Association’s activities in Padua, where the permanent seat is located, the traditional AperiKitos continued in 2018. Moreover, in December the Kito Christmas Dinner was organized, a solidiarity dinner with a charity raffle to raise more funds for the project in Caldarola, and in the same period a photografic exposition titled “Progetto di Ricostruzione di una Scuola Elementare Distrutta dal Tifone Nona- Banilad, Rinamalyan, Isola di Mindoro, Filippine”  was put on in the Municipality of Padua premises.

Aperikito 1

Mostra fotografica

2019 will still be a year full of initiatives and projects, such as the one in Caldarola and the one regarding the 13 schools in the Island of Mindoro. So we hope you will continue to follow us this year too!

Kito Health Center, a promising year of activity!

The activity of the Kito Health Center (San Francisco, Camotes Islands) started the year of 2018 in a very promising way!

In February our Field Assistant, Architect Anna Orlando, went on a Monitoring&Evaluation Mission in order to verify the situation in the structure. All Kito Onlus’ projects, once they’re finished, are constantly monitored to make sure they are functioning successfully and in the proper way…just as our medical center is doing!

The members of the community keep on taking advantage of the facility’s services and assistance, while the presence of the Open Hospital software, installed thanks to the collaboration between Kito Onlus and Informatics Without Borders Onlus, is still very important in the activities’ management. Because of it, it is possible to keep an updated record of patients and of available pharmaceuticals; in the long term it is also possible to monitor the activities’ flow, how many people visit the center, how are the health conditions of its patients: knowing this permits to take the most appropriate decisions regarding future actions.


In February and March, the Kito Health Center received a total of 47 patients, of which a significative number had diseases of the respiratory system. These kind of diseases, among which there are tuberculosis and pneumonia, are among the most common causes of death in the Philippines and are mainly caused by smoking and air pollution, whose conditions get worse in urban areas. With the Kito Health Center, Kito Onlus tries to have a role also in the environmental field: the medical center was realized in order to be energetically self-sufficient thanks to the presence of a photovoltaic system and was built using local materials. This makes it a project that, far from negatively impacting on the environment, tries to benefit the community not only in the health sector but also from the point of view of sustainability!




“No one should have to choose between death and financial hardship”, says Tedros Adhanom, Director-General of WHO, the World Health Organization. Still, even today, many people have to face this choice when it comes to take a decision about an health issue. In the world, half of the population cannot access basilar health services and health costs may be so high to push 100 million people into poverty. The WHO, based on the principle that every person should be able to realize their right to the highest level of health possible, takes advantage of the World Health Day in order to remind us that everyone should be able to access essential quality health services without incurring in too high financial obstacles. The theme of this year is “Universal Health Coverage: everyone, everywhere” and the slogan is “Health for all”. Since it is acknowledged that it is possible to guarantee health for all thanks to a strong political will, the WHO calls upon world leaders to take the necessary steps in order to reach or maintain the standards of universal health coverage, including investments in the sanitary workforce and organization of services in accordance to community’s needs.

Investing in health does not only imply a better individual health, but it also favors the society as a whole, since it protects from epidemics, reduces poverty, hunger and social inequality. This is why the health sector is so important in the activity of Kito Onlus. Among the projects related to health there are the Kito Health Unit, a mobile health center located in the Philippines, and the Kito Health Center, a permanent one also located in the Philippines – you can read here about the latest info concerning these projects. And in occasion of the World Health Day Kito Onlus wants to remark its committment to support #healthforall.



Banilad elementary school, we did it!

The Banilad elementary school construction project has come to an end! Since when the construction works restarted in October 2017 they never stopped. Our Field Assistant Anna Orlando, a volunteer of Architects Without Borders Onlus, our project partner, completed her first mission in the Philippines in December 2017. In two months the works at the school proceeded very fast and a construction training was organized with the participation of Paola Vecchiato, Kito Onlus’ President, who flew to the Philippines in order to monitor the building site and to meet local stakeholders. Anna told us about her experience in the Philippines in the blog post that you can read here.

In January 2018 Anna came back to Banilad to complete what she began and since then the roof, the windows, the coating in Sawali, the suspended ceiling and the floors painting were realized. Once these works were done the Banilad elementary school was officially inaugurated during an event that saw the participation of the Mayor and of the community of Banilad.


To be fair, it is since the beginning of the project that the involvement of the Banilad community deserves to be recognized. Indeed, among the things that gave us satisfaction during the reconstruction works there is the high rate of participation of local volunteers, that made the rebuilding of the school a good example of a participated project! The daily average of volunteer workers was around 5/6, but during days of more intense activity the number was around 20. Not only local workers, also the materials that were used were the local ones, a decision made in order to make the most out of available materials, to lower the environmental impact and to reduce costs.

That said though, what makes us really proud of this project is knowing that kids are happy to finally have their school back!


One of the drawings made by the children of the school to thank Anna, Paola and Kito Onlus!

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