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Banilad school: a model for education design!

One of Kito Onlus’ most successful project is the reconstruction of the Banilad Elementary School in the Mindoro Island, Philippines. The school, inaugurated one year ago, was rebuilt after the Nona typhoon thanks to a Kito Onlus’ project, supported by Otto per Mille Valdese and Architetti Senza Frontiere Veneto.

Banilad school

The new building, made up of 3 classrooms and almost 200 sqm, was projected to resist typhoons and it was built using local materials such as coconut wood, sawali, and bamboo’s fiber panels. Moreover, the project was carried out following the good practices of construction in areas hit by typhoons and with the great collaboration of local volunteers. This last aspect in particular let us hope that the project will not only give children a school, but also give  the entire community reconstruction techniques useful for future natural disasters.


Our gratest satisfaction is having contributed with our project to a long period goal: give a reconstruction model which will make the community more independent and ready to respond to a future emergency!

International Women’s Day 2019!

As every year on the 8th of March, on the International Women’s Day, Kito Onlus turns the thought to all the women around the world and in paricular to the ones in situations of vulnerability. Today must be an opportunity to reflect on what has been achieved and what must be done to ensure respect, dignity, opportunities, and equality to every woman in every field of society.

International women day

We hope of a future in which every woman will be respected as a woman and as a human beign!

A new project to guarantee the basic hygiene to Filipino children!

62.5% of people around the world don’t have access to safe sanitation and according to Save the Children 4.5 billion people live without a safe toilet. In the view of these, among the sustainable development’s goals it was included ensuring availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all.

Kito Onlus is trying to help reaching this goal with the construction of pit-latrines in 13 schools in the Mindoro Island in the Philippines. The project was born of the construction of pit-latrines and lavatories in the Banilad school in the Mindoro Island too, made possible through the great participation of local volunteers and the good funds management.

foto latrine 2

This new project, which will benefit 2,145 students, aims at guaranteeing the basic hygiene and at reducing the population’s vulnerability. Indeed, guaranteeing the basic hygiene through pit-latrines and lavatories, children’s diseas will decrease and therefore their families and the entire community will benefit (15,500 people in the barangays and 85,800 if we consider the 3 municipalities involved).

foto latrine 3

If you want to keep up with the project follow us on the blog, on Facebook and Twitter!!

Un nuovo progetto per garantire igiene di base ai bambini filippini!

Il 62.5% della popolazione mondiale non ha accesso a impianti sanitari adeguati e secondo Save the Children 4.5 miliardi di persone vivono senza strutture igieniche. Alla luce di questi dati, tra gli obiettivi per uno sviluppo sostenibile è stato incluso anche assicurare l’accessibilità e una gestione sostenibile di acqua e impianti sanitari per tutti.

Kito Onlus sta cercando di contribuire al raggiungimento di questo obiettivo attraverso un nuovo progetto di costruzione di latrine in 13 scuole nell’isola di Mindoro nelle Filippine. Il progetto è nato a seguito della costruzione di un blocco di latrine nella scuola di Banilad sempre nell’isola di Mindoro, reso possibile dalla grande partecipazione di volontari locali e dalla conseguente ottima gestione dei fondi raccolti per il progetto.

foto latrine 2

Questo nuovo progetto, che migliorerà le condizioni igieniche di 2,145 studenti, ha come obiettivo quello di garantire l’igiene di base e ridurre la vulnerabilità della popolazione in generale. Infatti, garantendo l’igiene di base con latrine e lavatoi diminuiranno le malattie contratte dai bambini e di conseguenza ne gioveranno le loro famiglie e tutta la comunità (15,500 persone nei barangays e 85,800 se consideriamo le 3 municipalità coinvolte).

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Funds raised and budget allocation in 2018

This year too Kito Onlus wants to share with its supporters and donors the 2018 financial analysis to clearly evaluate our work, showing how funds were raised and how the budget was allocated.

28,097 € were raised in 2018, of which the 75% was the OPM-Valdese Church’s contribution, while the remaining 25% was raised from private contributions, 5×1000, and crowdfunding.

Funds raised

All these elements represent for the organization a strong sign that the work done is considered accountable and worthy of being financed and supported.  Moreover, Kito Onlus has participated to a new notice of the Valdese Church, of which results are expected in 2019.

With regards to the budget allocation, as the graph below shows, the highest percentage was allocate to projects on the field as the elementary school in Banilad, the construction of the pit-latrines block, and the “Kits for Kids” project.

Budget allocation

This analysis let us trust in the maintenance of this positive trend in the coming years too, allowing the development of new projects of prevention and emergency answer.

Click this link to read the Annual Report 2018, and this link to a brief description of the 2018 activities!

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