February 2019

A new project to guarantee the basic hygiene to Filipino children!

62.5% of people around the world don’t have access to safe sanitation and according to Save the Children 4.5 billion people live without a safe toilet. In the view of these, among the sustainable development’s goals it was included ensuring availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all.

Kito Onlus is trying to help reaching this goal with the construction of pit-latrines in 13 schools in the Mindoro Island in the Philippines. The project was born of the construction of pit-latrines and lavatories in the Banilad school in the Mindoro Island too, made possible through the great participation of local volunteers and the good funds management.

foto latrine 2

This new project, which will benefit 2,145 students, aims at guaranteeing the basic hygiene and at reducing the population’s vulnerability. Indeed, guaranteeing the basic hygiene through pit-latrines and lavatories, children’s diseas will decrease and therefore their families and the entire community will benefit (15,500 people in the barangays and 85,800 if we consider the 3 municipalities involved).

foto latrine 3

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Funds raised and budget allocation in 2018

This year too Kito Onlus wants to share with its supporters and donors the 2018 financial analysis to clearly evaluate our work, showing how funds were raised and how the budget was allocated.

28,097 € were raised in 2018, of which the 75% was the OPM-Valdese Church’s contribution, while the remaining 25% was raised from private contributions, 5×1000, and crowdfunding.

Funds raised

All these elements represent for the organization a strong sign that the work done is considered accountable and worthy of being financed and supported.  Moreover, Kito Onlus has participated to a new notice of the Valdese Church, of which results are expected in 2019.

With regards to the budget allocation, as the graph below shows, the highest percentage was allocate to projects on the field as the elementary school in Banilad, the construction of the pit-latrines block, and the “Kits for Kids” project.

Budget allocation

This analysis let us trust in the maintenance of this positive trend in the coming years too, allowing the development of new projects of prevention and emergency answer.

Click this link to read the Annual Report 2018, and this link to a brief description of the 2018 activities!

Annual Report 2018 – Kito Onlus’ activities!

2018 was for Kito Onlus a year of consolidation and expansion. As the report at the link shows, the Association reached great achievements this year, concluding already started projects and starting new ones.


In 2018 the reconstruction of the elementary school in Banilad was concluded. The building, consisting of 3 classrooms for 200 sqm, is completely operative. Moreover, thanks to the use of local materials and the great participation of local volunteers, that permitted the reduction of the costs, it was possible to build pit-latrines for the students, who were totally deprived of.

Banilad school

Banilad latrine

Moreover, thanks to the success of this last initiative, Kito Onlus started a new project, regarding the construction of pit-latrines (2 toilettes and 1 bathtub) in 13 primary schools in the island of Mindoro. The project has been presented to the OPM of the Valdese Church to obtain the fund.

Banilad children

During 2018 Kito Onlus has also expanded in Italy with a project regarding Caldarola, an area of the Marche region deeply hit by the earthquake of 2016. The project, which will start in the first months of 2019, provides for the construction of a multifunctional wood centre of 100 sqm. The goal is to create a centre which can promote activities and laboratories, with the participation of local associations, to make in particular the children active part of the reconstruction process and an element of continuity.

With regards to the Association’s activities in Padua, where the permanent seat is located, the traditional AperiKitos continued in 2018. Moreover, in December the Kito Christmas Dinner was organized, a solidiarity dinner with a charity raffle to raise more funds for the project in Caldarola, and in the same period a photografic exposition titled “Progetto di Ricostruzione di una Scuola Elementare Distrutta dal Tifone Nona- Banilad, Rinamalyan, Isola di Mindoro, Filippine”  was put on in the Municipality of Padua premises.

Aperikito 1

Mostra fotografica

2019 will still be a year full of initiatives and projects, such as the one in Caldarola and the one regarding the 13 schools in the Island of Mindoro. So we hope you will continue to follow us this year too!