November 2016

25 November: International day for the Elimination of Violence against Women

Wage gap, less opportunities in leadership and politics places, social injustices in carrying out their role as mothers, Violence against Women is just one of the sides of the discrimination that the female gender is subject on a global scale.

Sure it is the most explicit and brutal face of this endemic problem, present in the societies of the whole world, that United Nations decided to remember every year the 25th of November in the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women.

One Woman every three in the world has experienced violence during his life and one every two Homicides to Women has been committed by individuals inside the familiar or intimate circles of the victims.


As of today, most States around the world still refuse to offer adequate legal protection to Women in cases of the violence occurring within the marriage. In fact, less than 60 States actually have laws that condemn and prosecute marital sexual violence, even less when it comes to Psychological and economic violence, phenomena often causing inter-familiar conflicts leading to violence episodes.

Kito Onlus engages, through its projects and trainings, in an effort of Empowerment, providing weak parts of local population in the Philippines with skills and responsibilities, in order to offer tools for social and economic emancipation to Women within beneficiaries communities.


Banilad School: Reconstruction starts!

After the Nona Typhoon struck, in December 2015, central Philippines and in particular Mindoro Island, among the spread destruction, the little Elementary School of the Pinamalayan Municipality went partially dismantled because of the landslides following the Typhoon.


Kito Onlus immediately started to tackle the emergency by trying to find the funds needed for the reconstruction of the School, that would allow 275 children to have back a roof under which following classes, given that it is months since they have to attend school outdoor or in temporary shelters.


We are happy to announce that the project is finally going to start in these days, also thanks to the cooperation between Kito Onlus and ASF – Architetti Senza Frontiere Veneto Onlus.

In fact, just last week, Stefania, Architect and Volunteer of ASF, departed to reach Philippines and to manage the work in the construction site that in the next period will bring to the rebuilding of the School.

Logo-KITO logo-asf-900x246

The project aim is to complete the reconstruction of the three destroyed classes and it is been programmed together with the Association of Parents of the children studying in the school. They will also work with us in the construction site in order to provide back their children with a safe and accessible place to grow study and learn. In this sense, we want to respect our social solidarity efforts and give local community the possibility to internalize the project, principles at the core of Kito Onlus action.

We will keep you updated on the works of Banilad School on our blog and on Social Networks, follow Kito Onlus to get more news!