January 2016

2015 at Kito Onlus

January 2016 is rapidly passing by, and it is time to sum up our 2015 activities, focusing on what the Italian staff has done. Last year has been a very productive year for Kito Onlus, as most of the Italian staff was directly involved in field-activities. In fact, it was inaugurated with the President monitoring mission, who visited both San Fernando La Union and San Francisco Camotes Island between January and February. In this occasion, she was able to verify the very effectiveness of the 2014 projects, whose implementation was definitely successful. In fact, the school L. Tanza is now fully operational also thank to the funds donated by Kito Onlus; through Cash for Work projects 25 houses were rebuilt, and Kito Onlus contributed to the re-forestation of part of the coastal area with about 40,000 native plants in the context of the project Two Million Trees.


Moreover, our interns Liliana and Alessandra carried out the usual three-weeks Health, Hygiene and Prevention trainings together with the local staff. Both of them spent three months in the Philippines, respectively in San Francisco-Camotes Islands and in San Fernando La Union. These trainings aim to transmit basic information on hygiene and prevention of illness and diseases.


Kito Onlus was also engaged in promoting fundraising events in Padova, such as the AperiKito and BurraKito, which were positively welcomed by our supporters and gave us the opportunity to share our common goals of cooperation. Moreover, we participated to several call for proposals as the Chiesa Valdese one, obtaining important funds for implementing our next action.


To conclude our challenging year, our President decided to land on the Philippines again! During her last mission, she set the basis for the coming projects, and we are expecting 2016 to be very full of new activities! Stay tuned and to get more details… look at our 2015 Annual Report!!


Kito Onlus and the web statistics

As we wish we have already demonstrated over the time, we take care of informing all of our supporters about Kito Onlus initiatives, projects, events and other activities. In our view, it is a way to keep the development process we are part of as much open as possible, and accessible to everyone. Media channels have revealed to be the most effective tools for spreading our message, our Facebook page and the website in particular.

According to Facebook Insight, our posts reach an average of 150 people each, and our page has recorded more than 600 followers during 2015.

Facebook Insight

On the other hand, Google Analytics helped us analyze our website impact. According to data, United States, Italy and the Philippines are the countries where the majority of views occurred (respectively, 1.828, 1.826 and 297).
google an1The number of active users appears to have been 6.122, of which the 83.3% were new visitors.uservisitorsKito Onlus will continue to promote its campaigns and initiatives through these instruments. We invite you to keep supporting our work and follow and share our posts also on our Facebook page.

Kito Onlus’ beneficiaries

Kito Onlus’ mission is to improve quality of those living in the territories within which it operates.

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To achieve this goal, our philosophy is to use as much funds as possible in the field, not forgetting to benefit as many beneficiaries as possible in the processes we bring about.


According to the data gathered by our local staff, our mission has been successful! In fact, we have provided health-care assistance to more than 16,000 direct beneficiaries through our Kito Health Unit and Health, Hygiene and Prevention trainings in San Fernando La Union and in San Francisco- Camotes Islands. The services provided have mainly been nutrition, medical and dental cares, and immunization, but the biggest category was general cares.

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Taking into account what has been sustained with these funds, we can state that with about 0,6 €/direct beneficiary we have developed important projects of great impact on both the living conditions of the populations in which we work and in the prevention of emergencies that annually hit the country where we work, the Philippines.

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2015 Annual Report and Resources Allocation

2015 Annual Report has been published in our blog (you can find the Annual Report here). A sight on Kito’s resources deserves attention, since two important aspects emerge. On one hand, the loyalty of our wonderful supporters:  on the total fund of 8.259,33 €,  6.954,73€ were gained as free donations, with important contributions coming also from events. On the other hand, Kito Onlus is particularly proud to share with you the efficiency of its resources allocation. In fact, the fund has been mainly employed on the field, demonstering its commitment in the improvement of the beneficiaries’ quality of life.


Even if the total amount is slightly lower than the past year, data confirm that the Organization can count on loyal supporters. The forecast for 2016 are very positive, and will allow projects to improve and Kito Onlus to expand.


December at the Kito Unit in San Fernando La Union

Our Kito Health Unit in San Fernando, La Union performed well also in December. According to the data collected, a total of 1,095 patients has been treated in the period considered. The majority of them were women (617), but also a relevant number of men, who achieved 478.


The services provided were mainly Maternal Health, Immunization, Family Planning, Nutrition, and a Medical and Dental mission. Particularly significant is the number of total immunized children, which amount is of 30. Moreover, the general medical cares were very required. In fact, 574 benefitted of services such as the checking of high and normal BP, and the administration of paracetamol, ORESOL and Mefenamic Acid. The training of Oral Hygiene and Handwashing have been also carried out for children and families

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